Essex, London, United Kingdom

Essex, London, United Kingdom

Why MI Franchisee

Why MI Franchisee!

Franchise Services Specifications Manuals

The franchisor shall provide comprehensive operational guidelines in the form of management system manuals including Franchise Services Specifications manual, Academic, Curriculum Assessment Manual, HR, Admissions, Finance , Planning & Administration, Marketing & Branding Manual.

Training & Development

All teachers hired by MILLENNIUM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL will be trained as per the latest trends and advancements in the field of education. The training will be carried out by our in house training department MIPDC (MILLENNIUM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE).

Quality Assurance

Our Monitoring team will carry out periodic Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) visits in order to support and to ensure conformity to MILLENNIUM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL quality & standards. The M&E process will identify areas that need to be strengthened and improved thus realigning the school on the path of excellence. Standardized documents would be used in all franchise schools to ensure compliance to our acclaimed standards.

Curriculum Support

Our curricular offerings include Broad Research and Inquiry Based Curriculum for Pre School, Innovative ICT Curriculum and In house Jr. School Curriculum. This curriculum focuses on 21st century learning, critical thinking & project based approaches that enables students to reach their greatest potential.
Guidelines for the teacher, Format for written work, Goals for the students, Overview Sheets, Lesson plan, Lesson Activity sheets, Evaluation Sheets and Test Sheets All the contents shall be well defined and explained in the lesson plan which includes objectives, teaching methodology, activity of the concept, reinforcement and Teaching Methodology shall also be explained in detail